While the main purpose of NAI is to influence state polices on free speech, free press, open government and the newspaper business in general, NAI provides other services as well:

  1. NAI organizes conferences in the winter and fall. The winter conference coincides with an annual “fly-in” to spend the day at the Statehouse meeting with the state’s elected leaders. The fall conference includes speakers on a variety of topics. Both conferences leave plenty of time for socializing and catching up.
  2. NAI contracts with the Idaho Department of Administration to administer certain statewide public notices.
  3. Through the Oregon Newspaper Advertising Company, NAI provides a one-stop, one-bill source to advertise in Idaho’s newspapers.
  4. NAI provides regular updates on news and information important to Idaho’s newspapers.
  5. NAI maintains this web site and a Facebook page.
  6. The association provides other services as requested by its members and approved by its board of directors.

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